Classically Modern with Angela van der Meulen

Classically Modern with Angela van der Meulen

2nd Sep 2016

Angela van der Meulen is the perfect example of the kind of designer we like to spotlight here at Covered Wallpaper.  Her passion for art and the classically modern are represented in her designs sold in our online shop. We asked Angela to tell us more about her inspiration and how she got started as a wallpaper designer...

My foray into wallpaper was an old dream realized and a return to my love of ink on paper. I have been largely inspired in all my creative interests by my family, starting with my very stylish grandmother who was a painter, my artist mother, my sister, and my father, who is responsible for giving me my first "real" camera and has a great eye. I am very influenced by nature, color, ethnic motifs and love the juxtaposition of old and new, classic and modern.

Just as I began to figure out the details of launching my wallpaper idea, we moved from Seattle to Luxembourg. I essentially had to start over, but landed in the good and helping hands of a traditional British wallpaper printer. I have been able to begin building my business here in Europe, with distributors in France (Au Fil des Couleurs) and Luxembourg (Lucien Schweitzer), and now in the US too with Covered Wallpaper! I have expanded to fabric in selected patterns and lampshades as well. I hope to issue some new patterns this fall and continue to expand my reach through Europe and the US.

Visit our online shop,, to see more of Angela's  beautiful designs.